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I've always had short hair......

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I've been tagged by the SUPER talented photographer Sarah Quiara of RoxyandKai and have to come up with 8 interesting facts you don't know about me.....

So here goes:

1. I've always had short hair. (except in high school when I had wings and looked like Farrah Fawcett!)

2. I lived in NYC for 14 years (both our girls were born there-my husband had to give a cab $20 to wait downstairs while I was in labor).

3. I worked for the fashion photographer Bill King (I met Polly Mellen once).

4. I spent my honeymoon on the back of a motorcycle in Europe.

5. I have the same birth date as Jerry Lewis. (March 16-Pisces)

6. We have a pug and a cattle dog. ( our 7 year old talked me into getting a pug after reading Unloveable by Dan Yaccarino- we had to work on my husband).

7. I Love Ween! (They rocked at Stubb's the other night!)

8. I'm a yellow belt in Kuk Sool Won. ( Not good, I need to go more often).

There I did it, not so bad I guess. Thanks for the challenge Sarah !

One Response to “I've always had short hair......”

Anonymous said...

I love that girl! jeff