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Mindy & Cristin's Memory Lane Wedding!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wedding Venue: Church of Conscious Harmony
Officiant: Tim Cooke
Reception Venue: Memory Lane Weddings 
Florist: Wild Bunches
Musicians: Martha &Scott Calhoun, Naomi Rieger & Wendy Colonna
Cristin ​shoes: Nine West
​Mindy ​shoes​: Betsey Johnson
Cristin dress:  Jobani
Mindy dresses: direct from factory
Cristin wedding ring: Design & made by Mindy
Mindy wedding rings: "The Mindy" custom made by Dean Fredrick
Mindy & Cristin wanted the focus of their wedding to be on the  joining of their two families into one. They asked their minister to pronounce them a "new family in love". For  decorations they used old  family photos & cameras as center pieces.

Mindy purchased her gorgeous blush colored dress directly from the factory online and it fit perfectly. 
Cristin said:

" The ceremony dress was intended to be worn through the reception as well and the second dress was going to be worn at the after party. However, the guests threw lavender on us immediately after the ceremony and the lavender stuck to her dress. She was covered in tiny purple flowers and felt like a big air freshener. We drove to the location for the ceremony and had our pictures taken with the bridal party and everyone was trying to pick the tiny lavender flowers our of the ruffles and folds in the dress - to no avail. Finally after the photos, Mindy snuck away and changed into her white dress and surprised me with it!  Not only was I  surprised, but Mindy felt much better now that her guests were longer picking on her! ​"

Mindy & Cristin's  advice for other  Same Sex Couples is to borrow from old traditions, even if you don't know what they mean yet, and apply your own slant to them to fit how you are as a couple. 

 " We found many of these traditions more meaningful than we originally conceived when we thought about what they meant to us, adjusted them slightly and included them in our wedding. "

We were so inspired and honored to be a part of their ceremony!
It was also cool to work with other wedding vendors Will Harrington & Natasha Madison as guests enjoying the ceremony!