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Lyndsay & Brian's Pom Pom Wedding

Tuesday, January 11, 2011




 first dance /favorite song"Beale Street Blues" by Canadian Brass

  Father Daughter dance "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" by Sophie Milman

Brian and his Mom danced to "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong

"LOST" friends

This architect and designer  said that they didn't use any wedding blogs for inspiration for their creative wedding but instead found it from all around them. Lyndsay said all the pom poms were all made by  Glynis and Stan Spear, using pom pom makers and yarn. Her grandmother helped  select the five colors of yarn that we used for the pom poms.  Glynis and Stan are her Mom's boyfriend Brandon's parents who were visiting for the summer from South Africa.  Brandon also served as their our officiant, and  they just got engaged over Christmas!  :-)
The turquoise anniversary cards  were placed on each of the reception table addressed to the couple on each of their anniversaries in years to come. It came from an idea from a conversation with one of her bridesmaids Courtney.  There were labeled for the years 2011 through 2020. The blank cards inside  read, "Lyndsay and Brian would love to hear from you in the future!  They will open this envelope on their anniversary in the year written on the front of the envelope.  Please write or draw here on this card and/or add to the envelope anything that you would like for them to see on that day.  Thank you!"  They will have  with 12 cards to open on each anniversary for the next ten years!

Lyndsay said "In lieu of a traditional guest book, they had ten different types of cards, which asked the following questions:
    • What is your favorite thing about Lyndsay and Brian as a couple?
    • What is something about Lyndsay and/or Brian that makes you laugh?
    • What is one of your favorite memories of Lyndsay and/or Brian?
    • Describe or draw a picture of Lyndsay and Brian's family and life in 10 years.
    • Describe or draw a picture of Lyndsay and Brian's family and life in 20 years.
    • 25 years from now, what is one thing that Lyndsay and Brian should remember most about today?
    • Lyndsay and Brian love to travel.  Where should they go on vacation and why?
    • Lyndsay and Brian enjoy new experiences.  What is something that they should do or see together as a married couple (for example, take a photography class together, visit the Grand Canyon, etc.)?
    • What breed of dog most accurately describes Lyndsay or Brian's personality?  And why?
    • This card is a blank canvas.  Please write or draw anything you want Lyndsay and Brian to read or see.
    •  They got some fantastic, fun responses, as well as some great ideas as to where they should travel and things they should do together!!"
Lyndsay found her wedding dress online - it's a Maggie Sottero, but when she and her mom  called all of the bridal stores in Dallas,  no one had it.   So they  went to Terry Costa and tried on another Maggie Sottero dress in the same material - chiffon - and liked it even better. They also found the bridesmaids dresses there- an elegant peacock blue/ floor length gown by Mori Lee- the deal breaker was the pockets!
The groom and grooms men's suits were made by Thick As Thieves out of Los Angeles.  The guys sent in their measurements, fabric & style choice and picked their favorite lining color- hot purple and they came in the mail. They even  found  matching purple Ties from Brooks Brothers.
Lyndsay made each of her bridesmaids a Tree of Life necklace in sterling silver wire with turquoise beads as a Thank you gift.  The tree was representative of the huge Live Oak tree they were married  under and the turquoise was reminiscent of the peacock color of their dresses. She also made the cool vintage looking flower pins that were used to bustle my gown with her sister Lacey. 
For flowers the Bride choose stargazer lilies and succulents.  Stargazers were the first flower that Brian ever gave her very early on in our relationship, many years ago.  The wedding party bouquets were made of white lilies and succulents after which they  all planted afterwards and  are still thriving.  They used potted orchids and bromeliads with succulents as accents.  It was important to them to use as few cut flowers as possible, because they are not sustainable.  Since she loves orchids, she knew that she wanted those, and their florist Dianna  (who grew up with Brian) suggested that they addthe  bromeliads and succulents.  The  zinc planters are from Crate and Barrel. 
The wedding bands were purchased from Fanous Jewelers here in Dallas  Brian designed her engagement ring (white gold and white sapphires) using architectural software -then used technology in order to make the wax mold.  The ring design represents where she and Brian met in graduate school for architecture, and the fact that architecture was what brought them together.  The ring design also takes cues from the Getty Center in Los Angeles, which is where Brian proposed on February 7, 2009.  The angle of intersection of the lines at the center of the ring matches the angle of intersection of the city of Los Angeles, which Richard Meier resolved in his design of the Getty.  There is one band that wraps around all of the stones in the ring, and both ends emerge from the design together.
Since they were all staying overnight at the Red Corral- they hadn't planned an exit- so they just had  fun playing a drinking game and dancing to "Auld Lang Syne"  a Scottish tradition from Brian's heritage, the circle was led by Chris , their  Glaswegian guest who is married to her Turkish sister, Gonca who was also bridesmaid. 
The drinking game is where they sat back to back and held a beer to symbolize him and wine for her- then the crowd asked them questions and they had to hold up how they thought each other would answer the question- if they both were right they took at drink!
Cheers to Lyndsay and Brian and their architecturally creative wedding!

    Venue: Red Corral Ranch
    Graphic design : Brian the groom 
    Florist : A Matter of Taste Florist .   
    Officiant: Brandon Spear 
    Music: Ipod mix by friend Brian Johnson 
    Rentals:  Dripping Springs Party Rental.  
    Caterer :Primizie   
    Beverages: Precinct Line Beer & Wine Company out of Kyle.  
    Wedding Dress:by Maggie Sottero
    Bridesmaids Dresses by Morilee both purchased at Terry Costa in Dallas.
    Custom Groom and Groomsmen's Suits: Thick as Thieves, LA 
    Engagement ring was designed by Brian and was made by Fanous Jewelers in Dallas.  The wedding bands were also purchased from Fanous.    
    Cupcakes were lovingly made by Kristin , one of my bridesmaids.  Her father Joe built the tiered cupcake stand.  
    Videographer : Esther Miller of Rings & Cake Wedding Films  
    Makeup: the Bride and Hair by her my sister Lacey

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    Lynda said...

    That ring is gorgeous! Great pics, it looks like another fun one.

    Sarah Kealing (InTandem) said...

    These are fantastic! Love those opening details shots and the black and white reflection one (wedding party in the pool). Great work!! :)