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I'm not Barbie but I shot her wedding.....

Monday, October 29, 2007

My daughter saw a Barbie Baby Photographer in Target while we were shopping for a birthday gift, so I was amused when I later saw her and her sister making up a game with their Barbies.

Barbie the wedding photographer!

They asked me to shoot their wedding... complete with a flower girl with real petals, to the formal shots and the exit in the Barbie Bug.

It's nice to see wedding photographers as a career for them to aspire too!

Cheers to Barbie & Ken and a long and happy marriage!

2 Responses to “I'm not Barbie but I shot her wedding.....”

Bernadette said...

Ha Ha! Kate, that's awesome. Whenever I download the photos from our camera there are always a few posed doll shots taken by our 5 year old. A little glimpse into their world is always nice.

It was fun seeing you the other night. And your blog is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Great Job! You're the best photographer I've ever met.

Yours truly
Your daughter