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Bubbles and Birdseed

Monday, November 3, 2008

This cute couple were married at Thurmans Mansion October 18th and luckily instead of one send off - they had 2!
After a beautiful evening of dancing and dinner family and friends blew bubbles over the couple for their last dance and then threw birdseed for their quick exit into the night! (they threw so much of it , it looked like snow!)
Thanks for the recommendation Lisa!
See their SLIDESHOW here.
Florist: Cindy Reed 512.473.9660
Coordinator: Lisa Elliott/Salt Lick
Officiant: Brent Batson
DJ. Jim Wiesz
Catering: Salt Lick

One Response to “Bubbles and Birdseed”

Shannon Lowry said...

Those are awesome photos KT! I'm barely able to get anything done today as well. So. Damn. Excited. for our new president!!!!!!!!