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Matt the Electrician

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's nice to be able to shoot an musician now and then.....they like usually artistic photos -so anything goes.
I photographed Matt the Electrician around the block in downtown Buda.

My family thought I was scary asking Matt to get into a pool of water to be photographed so we all did it first before they came over.
Let me say it was freezing and Matt was a sport for doing it. I think they have a spiritual look, like he's being baptized!

(Matilda and the girls got into the beard thing and added a mud one!)

Thanks Matt for braving the pool -and look for his new DVD tk soon.
GO and see him at Flipnotics and Saxon Pub! he also plays with the "Popstars"

3 Responses to “Matt the Electrician”

Kathie Sever said...

oh, happy happy happy.
the ramona in the pool one just gets me.

Sarah Bork Hamilton said...

OMG> KtO!! These are SOOOO fantastic......I wish I had been there for the fun!

Deanna said...

wow. those are so lovely. i mean, i always love the wedding/baby photos, but these are pretty darn cool. nice job katie!