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Leah and Duncan/Hotel Cecilia

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We started out for our session early to beat the heat but since this has been the summer of oppressive heat-by 9:30 it was already sweltering hot and we had to move to an indoor location!
Since they are staying at the Hotel Cecilia on their wedding night, we cooled off by the pool and inside the bar.
Duncan is a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson so he's stoked they're staying in the suite named after him!
We're looking forward to their wedding in the cools of November at Austin Seventy One!

2 Responses to “Leah and Duncan/Hotel Cecilia”

dixieandrea said...

Love the pool and she had great hair. Beautiful work as always Katie!

Anonymous said...

Sexy Citroen! Cute Couple. Nice Picts.