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Fund Raiser in South Austin/Missing Posie

Friday, October 16, 2009

My intern has had a tough summer...she lost her dog and her boyfriend was in horrible accident coming home from work- a drunk driver ran into his pickup head on.

His family is having a BBQ fundraiser on Saturday Oct/24/09 @ 11AM

2421 Chateau Village Way

if you're in South Austin- and need a lunch BBQ plates are $7- stop by and help this family them out!
Click HERE for a link about the accident:

- Emily decided to get a daisy tattoo to remember her dog!
She doesn't like to be photographed but I think she's gorgeous!

Our favorite pug Posie also passed away this summer- we've been too sad to mention it.
She was always by my side- willing to sit in for a lighting test when the kids wouldn't- following me around constantly and sleeping by my side while SNORING loudly!
- a dear friend who will always be missed.

2 Responses to “Fund Raiser in South Austin/Missing Posie”

Deanna said...

I'm really sorry to hear about Posie. :(

Shannon Lowry said...

ahhh, Posie! Those are great shots KT. We miss her too.