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Kyla's Bridal /Grapevine Texas

Monday, January 25, 2010

This gorgeous winter bride from Colorado just got married at her parents home in Euless Texas.
We were lucky to be able to do her bridals over the holidays in November. Downtown Grapevine is close by and has some the perfect locations- a brick alley way, an old theatre and a train station!
The special tattoo on her foot goes with the one her fiancee Josh has on his arm- both are big fans of children's books and the author Shel Silversteins book " The Giving Tree" ( which symbolizes his close relationship for his mother).
Kyla's cousin Lesley designed the wedding invitation and her tattoo - a lightbulb wrapped around a tree. Kyla said
"I got it when I turned 18 and I fell in love with the idea of creation, what God has given us as his creation of the world, and as an artist, the desire I constantly have to be inventive and create for the rest of my life....whether it's little things or big things. "
Their wedding was just as amazing, so many DIY details to come soon!

One Response to “Kyla's Bridal /Grapevine Texas”

Alina Prax said...

Love the Bridal Katie! Am digging your use of analog in your recent posts, film is groovy!