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Courtney & Phil's Riven Rock Ranch Wedding!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Drawing of Phil & Courtney by one of her students !

Her Dad's Twin in the old switcheroo!

this is her Dad!

These two cute educators ( she's a kindergarten teacher and he's a reading specialist)  from London made Texas their destination wedding! They had friends and  family from all over the world  come and stay a week in the hill country at Riven Rock Ranch- then ventured into Austin and then left for their new home in Scotland on The Isle of Lewis! Phil's family is Scottish so they choose the include the Welsh Wedding Spoons in their program and a chocolate version as a take home gift for guest. The history of the "love spoon"is :

A 1789 legend claims the spoons originated with sailors. The Welsh sailor spent long, lonely hours at sea, pining for the girl he hoped to marry someday. While at sea he carved a spoon for her, with many sea-going themes on the spoons from his everyday experiences. The legend also claims the nestling ability of the spoons reflects the sailor's life, with no personal space.

the number of rings on the spoon can mean a life full of love or how many children they'll have together!

Courtney's Father and his twin Brother performed the ceremony- they even tried to pull a fast one on her and put on her Dad's seer sucker suit jacket during the reception for the Father Daughter dance : )

Their first dance was perfect- they danced to Noah and the Whales " Five Years Time"

Cheers to Courtney and Phil and their new island life together!

Venue: Riven Rock Ranch
Wedding Design and Coordination: Tricia Hamil and Viridian Design
Ministers: Dr. Dean and Doug Dickens
Ceremony Music: Anoop Chowdhury
Caterer: Anne Marie's
Cake: Sophie's Choice Bakery
Hair & Makeup: The Mane Attraction Salon

and a quick after session in Austin before they headed home !