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Leia, Brad & Betsy the Beetle! (after session)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bed Jump!

Pillow talk!


I love this vintage VW beetle that drives by my house everyday with a cute little luggage rack- so I asked Terry her owner if we could borrow it for the afternoon. ( I used to have a gray one before we moved to NYC). Terry said she was delighted for us to use her "Betsy Beetle"!

It's still a little chilly in Austin so Leia wore her own vintage faux leopard wrap and turquoise pumps.
Leia had wanted a vintage 50's style wedding dress, but couldn't find the right one that wasn't stained yellow from age at the thrift stores. So her  awesome Mom offered to make her one.  After finally picking a lace and fabric, her mom used one of her old sundresses as a pattern.  She spent months sewing, ripping, and resewing.  She said they would add a belt, take it away then add it back again- trying difference size buttons before choosing the final one. A month before the wedding - they knew if was perfect. 

What an incredible gift to have your Mother make your wedding dress!  

Vintage Leopard Jacket: Tulle 
Veil: My Mom's from 1975
Shoes: Satin Peep Toe Platform in Pool from David's Bridal