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Lindsay & Jeff/ Barton Creek Resort and Spa

Friday, October 5, 2012




This bride and groom's story starts in NYC. They met at Columbia University Athletic Department- both come from Coaching families- Jeff''s family from Odessa and Lindsay's family from all over.

After dating 2 years - their world turned upside down when Lindsay started getting dizzy and numb on one side of her body- she was diagnosed with an AVM or Arteriovenous malformation which is an abnormal connection between veins and arteries usually congenital that many people never know they have until they rupture.

In Lindsay's words:

"As the year progressed, so did my symptoms.  Seeing straight became difficult, the numbness got worse, my balance became distorted, and soon it was hard to walk.  Eventually I needed help walking, the right side of my body was completely numb, and the left side of my face was paralyzed.  
During all of this, Jeff was not only there for me but was also my main support sytem.  Any time (which was a lot of thetime) I was scared, he kept me calm and secure.  He was always questioning the doctors I went to, and looking for others that were renowned for dealing with my injury.  Through his research, we actually found a wonderful surgeon at a wonderful hospital who probably helped to save my life.  

On Jeff's 30th birthday in September, I underwent a 9 hour brain surgery.  He was the last person I saw before surgery, one of the first I saw when I woke up, and was there with me almost every night in the hospital.  When I was moved to a therapy hospital 45 minutes out of Manhattan, Jeff was there.  He was my friend, my partner, my therapist, my butler - everything short of hair stylist.  When I was released from the therapy hospital in November of 2009 I moved to my parent's house in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He would brave the East Coast winter and visit me at least once a month for a little while, until his job relocated him to Memphis, Tennessee in January 2010.  Even then he would visit each chance he got, hopping on a plane even to surprise me for on a random weekend.  We would talk every night and he always stayed positive and practical, remaining my rock from half way across the country.   
A year and a half later I was up for the challenge of moving back to NYC, through which (no surprise) Jeff was VERY encouraging, even though he was living and working in Memphis, TN.   I moved back to NYC in April and Jeff came to visit me that July - it was the first time we had been in New York together since before my surgery.  He surprised me by throwing a surprise 30th birthday dinner with friends, where he read a sweet, funny, very long and very witty poem.  At the end, he caught me completely off guard by proposing! "

The toasts were heart warming but watching Lindsay glow while dancing with Jeff and her Father was delightful.

Dress: Ivy & Astor
Jeff's Suit:Groom's own, men's wear house vest and tie
Florist: the Last Petal
Hair: Beauty Mark Agency
Makeup: my cousin :-)
Band: Texas Unlimited Band
Venue: Barton Creek Resort and Spa
Cake: Barton Creek Resort and Spa
Bridesmaid Dresses: J Crew and Jenny Yoo