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Katie & Bob's Engagement- as described by the Groom

Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Houston Couple came into Austin for their engagement session- they like to run so they really like staying at the Hyatt on Town Lake-they have good martini's and sushi too!

 It's so fun to hear engagement stories- especially from the Grooms point of view! 

The Engagement:  Katie and I had a trip planned to Bordeaux, France, which is essentially one of the wine meccas of the world.  It engulfs two things that we love very much: French food and French wine!  I knew this was where I wanted to propose; however, I didn’t know anything about the lay of the land within the city or countryside.  This makes it’s very difficult to plan the perfect proposal!  It also makes it very difficult since I didn’t know exactly when I was going to do it, so I ended up having to carry the ring around with me for a couple days.  Finally, after a long day of wine tasting, we ended up having dinner at La Tupina in the medieval section of Bordeaux; afterwards, we decided to walk back to our hotel.  In Katie’s mind it was a romantic walk through the city; in my mind, it was a stressful mission to find the “perfect” spot.   As we meandered through the city, I felt it was not going to happen that evening.  Every corner we turned was consumed by people everywhere; it lacked the romantics, beauty, and privacy that I desired.  However, to my lucky chagrin, only a couple blocks from the hotel, we rounded a corner and happened to stumble upon an empty city center in front of the 13th centurySaint-AndrĂ© Cathedral.  I knew that was it; it was the perfect spot.  Thus, in my tongue-tied effort, I pulled out the ring and held it out, only to find…that I couldn’t say a word!   But Katie being Katie, quickly smiled and said “if you want me to say yes, you need to get down on one knee and ask”.  Funny as it was, that broke the ice; I kneeled down, and she said yes. 




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Sarah said...

What a sweet story! I love that you asked him to tell his side. Great idea!