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Steve & Katherine's Surprise Wedding at Roadhouse Relics!

Friday, July 11, 2014

This wedding was 16 years in the making- Steve ( a photographer) decided to surprise Katherine ( a graphic designer) in the UK and asked her to marry him on their road trip from Nashville to New Orleans this summer. All he needed was a place, some music a photographer and someone to marry them! We suggested our favorites Roadhouse Relics for the space, Spike Gillespie for words, Unbridaled for a Nataya dress, a bouquet from Whole Foods,  &  Nick Armstrong for music and Lenoir for dinner afterwards! Steve booked a house off South First and brought 2 custom made rings from Laura at WoodGoesAround , called Katherine to walk over  for their surprise ceremony! They popped some bubbly we took some pictures and they went on to Port A and NOLA for the start of their next adventures!
Check out Steve's work amazing work here and his instagram feed from their honeymoon trip here!