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Abby and Michael Engaged!/Shooting on train tracks....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This cute couple of Aggies brought their dogs with them for their engagement session.
They were very cooperative- like little actors posing for the camera.
I've always told my friend Suzi Q that I have a pet peeve about shooting on train tracks and I never really understood why so many photographers use them in portrait shoots- I guess they're nostalgic and rebellious in a Johnny Cash way!

(it's illegal to be on the tracks-plus so many people are killed by trains- once the conductor sees you it takes the train over a mile to stop!)
We live right by the train that comes through downtown Buda like 20 times a day-
but this is the first time I've used them- the bright shiny engine was just too tempting- it was parked on a side track off the main one and I knew it was safe to use for a few shots.
So I guess I'll eat my words about shooting on train tracks!
If you google images of train tracks you'll see tons of crazy shots-including bridals. This was one of my favs!

For more information about train safety- click here!