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Jeff and Beth/Witte Museum Wedding

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ten Things I loved about this wedding!
1. Converse sneakers- all the groomsmen/groomswoman wore them!
2. Female groomswoman- she even wore the suit!
3. Old friends- everyone in the wedding party has know each other since Middle School. And though the couple live in Colorado now- they knew they had to get married in San Antonio!
4. The Witte Museum- how cool is getting married at this fun museum. We had fun taking pics in the museum and the courtyard with the great live oak and the back metal gates are gorgeous.
5. Kiddie Acres!!! This place is so fun for kids- the brides father even went there as a kid but it also makes a colorful background for wedding party photos and it was only a couple of blocks away.
6. Seeing each other before the ceremony- it's great to have to the light and time to shoot all the fun photos before the ceremony starts- then you have plenty of time to do the formals and enjoy your reception afterwards.
7. Ice cold Dr. Peppers and Cokes.
8. A handmade Quaker marriage certificate - all the guests sign as witnesses to uphold the marriage and support the couple.
9. Bubbles and kids- there's always more adults than kids but this one little girl kept her self busy blowing bubbles all night!
10. The grooms Grandmother had a great time on the dance floor and proved that you're never too old to dance!
Congrats Jeff & Beth!
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