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Sly & Veronika-Engaged

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love it when Texans that moved away come back to be married.  This couple met in San Francisco but grew up in Houston  . Since she studied architecture and photography at UT -so  the Ransom Center and Architectural Library were among her favorite locations. They love vintage cameras, suitcases, photobooths and polaroid film
Their dream is to build a cabin someday (using vintage Sunset magazines for inspiration)!
- I know that their wedding at Three Point Ranch this fall will be very special!

We also experimented with FADE TO BLACK- a special new polaroid film from the IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT- once the photo is taken you have 24 hours before it turns completely black!
To save it- you have to separate the image from the developer on the back of the polaroid- once dry it and taped back together it becomes permanent : )

2 Responses to “Sly & Veronika-Engaged”

Leslie @ everygoodandperfect said...

As always, your shots are dreamy and unique. And, I applaud you for experimenting with Fade to Black for an E-shoot!

Unknown said...

Thanks Leslie! I love that they're making new polaroid film!